SOLVED [1.6] Crash when template glyphs with unicode > 0xffff should be displayed

  • I have an UFO with empty glyph cells with high unicode values. RoboFont crashes when trying to open the UFO.

    E.g. u1F30E u1F311

    I believe the offending line is

    t = unichr(self.glyph.unicode)


    This is pretty bad because it worked in RF 1.5.1, but 1.5.1 doesn’t work in Yosemite ...

  • admin

    This is already solved in the upcoming release

    even support for emoji as a template preview :)

  • admin

    This is already solved in the upcoming release

    even support for emoji as a template preview :)

  • The crash is only caused for template glyphs that are not in the font.

    You could try to open the UFO without GUI, and then actually add the glyph to the font, so no placeholder will be displayed anymore:

    f = OpenFont("/path/to/the.ufo", showUI=False)
    for glyphname in f.lib["public.glyphOrder"]:
        if glyphname.startswith("u") and int(glyphname[1:], 16) > 0xffff:
            if not glyphname in f:

  • Hey, nice thing someone posted it yesterday cause I actually have the same issue right now !

    I took an OTF, opened it in Robofont, deleted the characters I didn't need to only keep the ones I wanted. Then I saved that OTF as an UFO. After that I've opened that UFO and deleted the content of the previous OTF to only keep the empty cells I needed. Then, I've setted that UFO as my default character set so everytime I make a new file it'll open that empty custom UFO.

    But everytime I make a new file in robofont, it crashes after like maximum 5 seconds. I still can open my basic UFO without any issues but as default character set it crashes robofont.

    How can I fix this ?



    Edit : 1.6, El Capitan too.

  • This same crash happens to me now. The moment I fixed some Shavian character Unicodes, I started getting crashes whenever it needed to lead the template glyph. 1.6, OS X El Capitan.

  • Hi Frederik, here’s a demo UFO ...

    Meanwhile, I was able to work around the issue by editing my problematic UFO by hand.

  • admin

    He Jens

    can you send me the ufo? I cannot reproduce it…
    you can also try to launch RoboFont 1.6 with shift down, it will launch without installing any extension.

    good luck!

  • The console log is:

    06.11.14 18:20:28,075 RoboFont[4880]: *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'OC_PythonException', reason: '<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: unichr() arg not in range(0x10000) (narrow Python build)'

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