Space matrix values body size

  • Hi!

    Is it possible, someway, to change the body size of the space matrix values in the Space Center?

    I am not afraid of coding, but an advice to start could be useful.


  • Thanks!

  • admin

    the contentView() has also cellWidth and cellSpacing

    If you change those you will have to change the frame of the view and the size of the split view above

    good luck!

  • Super hack :)

    Maybe I was too specific, but thanks for the help.

    However I should access to the other matrix settings, like cells padding and so on.
    Is it possible? Is there a way to access the components of the standard space window?

  • admin


    you mean change the point size of the text used to display the matrix view?

    from AppKit import *
    from mojo.UI import CurrentSpaceCenter
    sp = CurrentSpaceCenter()
    font = NSFont.systemFontOfSize_(20)
    sp.inputScrollView.contentView().attributes[NSFontAttributeName] = font
    # tiny hack

    but don't expect this will look nicer :)