Show kerning values in Kern center

  • hi

    I was wondering why I cannot see the kerning values in the preview of the kerning center.

    Is there a way to toggle these values (like in the space center) or was that removed in robofont 1.6?


  • jup, makes perfect sense,

  • admin

    you can see kerning values in Space Center, not in Kern Center... (in the next update this will be embedded)

    to view kerning values enable "Show Metrics" and "Show Kerning". When only "Show Kerning" is enabled Space Center will apply kerning to the input text but not show the value.

    hope this makes sense


  • hi frederik,

    obviously metrics machine is the perfect tools. just sometimes a quick check in RF is needed.

    and I was not sure if I was missing a setting since the screenshot (of an older version?) in the documentation still shows what is was looking for.

    thanks! jo

  • admin

    He Jo

    Kern center is very low profile as Metrics Machine is much better at managing kerning.

    However, this is been added to the beta version, and will be present in the next update