Pop out Kerning and Groups

  • As I understand the OS X hierarchy of windows versus panels, a panel modifies the object on the main window, and a window is its own, separate, data. This makes sense with Features, Font Info, Sort and Mark. Space Center is its own window because it displays the same data in a different manner, which is also logical. The exception to this is Kerning and Groups. These two panels currently block any interaction with the rest of the font, and would also make more sense as pop-out windows – like Space Center. It would also make it possible to keep an eye on the groups, and modify Space Center while kerning.

    Crazy? Weird? Can I change it with a script?

  • Like a charm. Thanks a lot!

  • admin

    I see

    part is already possible :)

    from lib.UI.kerningPreviewSheet import KerningPreview

    I will also open the Group view and make them nicely available in mojo.UI so you don't have to worry about the internal naked object.