Separate metrics for layers?

  • At the API it looks like glyph.getLayer() has its own width attribute.

    However, in the UI the width is grayed out when a layer is activated, and programmatically setting a layer width doesn’t seem to stick, that is, either gets lost or overwrites the ‘foreground’ layer width.

    I’m working around by doing glyph.getLayer().lib[‘layer.advance’] = dict(width=some_number) but perhaps it useful to implement a ‘layers have separate metrics’ behavior just as FontLab did with its ‘mask’ layer?


  • Okay. I think I do understand.

    So thank you for pointing out and thanks in [hopefully not indefinite] advance for doing that UFO3 implementation :D

  • admin

    As the current implementation layers glyph.width is synced across all layers.
    This will change when UFO3 is fully implemented

    thanks for understanding