FAQ #5: Can I open .vfb files?

  • 3 years, 7 months ago, Frederik wrote:

    No you can not open .vfb files. Use RoboFab in FontLab to export your files to the UFO format.

    Perhaps its worth a followup to mention vfb2ufo thing that works without having RoboFab in FontLab. Or even without having FontLab.

  • admin

    it should be living in /usr/local/bin/vfb2ufo

    it should also listen to which vfb2ufo in terminal, that is how RoboFont looks for it.

    And you probably have to restart RoboFont as the hasVFB2UFO flag is being set during start up

    good luck

  • admin


    the latest release (1.6) has already support for vfb2ufo, if it is installed in the proper place

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