Export glyphNames – glyph.lib['com.userName.exportName']

  • Hello Frederik, Hello Robofont users,
    this topic starts from this twitter discussion:

    I’d like to acquire more information about this problem concerning generation and names.
    Actually I am working on exporting in otf format some vfb converted to ufo files or updating old font to new name conventions.

    Changing name with the renameGlyph method is easy concerning group, kerning and components. But how to deal with OpenType features?

    At the moment I am working with a regex substitution and update the feature attribute of ufo file, but I am curious to see how other users/developers dealt with this problem.

    What’s this glyph.lib["com.userName.exportGlyphName”] attribute? Is there any reference?
    Is it possible in this way to assign an export glyph name that affects makeOtf command?


  • Hi Frederik,
    good to know!

    When is this update planned for?

  • admin

    The font lib key will be com.typesupply.ufo2fdk.glyphOrderAndAliasDB and will also be used in Tal's ufo2fdk package.

  • admin


    That lib key doesn't exist, it was just an example how it could be solved somehow.

    But if I was you I would just wait for the next update, there is an option to store the FDK Glyph Alias DB in the font.lib. That solve the issue of production glyph names vs real glyph names.

    good luck