Certain Kerning groups not exporting

  • Hi! I'm encountering a problem where certain kerning groups don't seem to be exporting.

    I've got groups set up eg. @UC_VW & @A, with a kerning values set like:

       @A         @UC_VW     -104
       @UC_VW     @A         -100

    (BTW,is there a standardised naming format for kerning classes?)
    Now when I generate my font, kerning works for the first set... but not the second. What am I missing?

    Here's an abridged version of kerning.plist from the UFO, there appear to be no individually kerned conflicts or even groups that double up. When I do kern the pairs glyph-by-glyph it works as expected, but groups would make things a lot easier...


    I don't have Metrics Machine, can't afford it right now :(

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ta!


  • admin

    Hi Andrew

    you added those kerning values inside RoboFont, with the Kern Center?
    You created the groups?

    I cannot reproduce this issue, could you send me a erroneous ufo file?

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