Glyph editor display toggles API

  • Hi,

    I don't know if this sounds odd or it has been covered before but I want to make some interface modes for the certain production pipeline I have. Right now to switch to a certain view mode I need to toggle some display options in the glyph editor by using couple of shortcuts on Keyboard. I was wondering is there a method to toggle these options on and off inside the API so I could make a script that toggles couple of them only using one shortcut attached to the script?

    Thanks in advance

  • admin

    he Bahman

    you can use:

    from mojo.UI import setGlyphViewDisplaySettings, getGlyphViewDisplaySettings
    settings = getGlyphViewDisplaySettings()
    print settings
    # change something, and set it back
    # setGlyphViewDisplaySettings(settings)

    good luck