Not able to open glyphs in glyph edit window

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to solve this issue. Glyph editor window doesn't pop up when I want to edit particular glyph. It doesn't work even I tried to save it as the new font or export it as the new ufo file from different softwares. But the thing is – glyph edit window works in other softwares.

    I attached probably damaged ufo files.


  • admin

    Hi Filip

    do you know which glyph is not opening?

    I would also try to launch RoboFont with shift down, RoboFont will not install any extensions, and check if this issue is still there.


  • Hi Federik,

    thank you for the quick respond. I tried it with shift down in "Safe Mode" you call it. But issue still there.

    The problem is for all glyphs. It seems for whole encoding. I tried also add new glyphs. It doesn't work for it as well.

  • It seems the problem is that some of your layers are called 1, 2, 3. RoboFont doesn’t seem to like that. In the console, there’s this message:

    RoboFont[14862]: -[OC_PythonNumber isEqualToString:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fad4ce63150

    Rename your layers in the Inspector window, and the glyph window will open again.

  • Brilliant,
    it works now! You have my thanks!