RoboFont 1.4

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    RoboFont 1.4 is ready for you ... and it is better than ever!
    This update includes a number of improvements, bug fixes and new features.

    Some highlights:

    • Smart Set Binders, aka organizing Smart Sets in "folders"
    • Undo for guides, both local as global guides
    • Optimized RTL support in Space Center and Kern Center
    • Support for boolean operations on glyph objects:
      result = glyph1 | glyph2  # union
      result = glyph1 % glyph2  # difference
      result = glyph1 & glyph2  # intersection
      result = glyph1 ^ glyph2  # xor

    Have a look at the version history for the full list of changes and additions.

    You should get an automatic update when you use RoboFont 1.3.
    If you still use RoboFont 1.1 you should redownload the app.

    I would like to thank all the beta testers and all users posting on the forums for their precious feedback and feature requests.


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