Space center and 'space' glyph

  • SpaceCenter: the string /l /n /o produces the same visual result as /l/n/o. Shouldn't the visual result rather be /l/space/n/space/o?

    Furthermore, if you copy glyphs and paste them in the space center, those extra spaces are inserted.

  • admin

    yes, that is producing the same result

    the space after a /<glyphName> is mainly because you can use both non-glyphName and /<glyphNames> as input:

    Su/cool_p er p (if you have a glyph called cool_p)

    Copy paste glyph in the input field will try to convert them to unicode characters for display in the input field, that is way the extra space is added.

    You could also drag and drop glyph on the input fields.