SOLVED Guideline Magnetism

  • Is it possible to set the default magnetism for a new guideline?
    Currently, new guidelines are slightly magnetic, but I’d prefer non-magnetic guides by default (I rarely use the snapping feature).

  • admin

    FYI: in the upcoming release RF3.1 both the magnetic as the show measurements attributes of a guideline will be part of the preferences:


    to change the default use, or the preference json editor (alt click the Preferences menu item):

    from mojo.ui import setDefault
    setDefault("defaultGuidelineMagnetic", 0)

  • I don’t think there’s a preference for that. but you can set the magnetism of all guides in a glyph to zero:

    g = CurrentGlyph()
    for guideline in g.guidelines:
        guideline.magnetic = 0

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