Stacked Diacritical Mark Construction and Syntax Help

  • Hi,

    Apologies in advance if this has been posted before.
    Have 2 question with regards to stacked diacritical marks:

    1. Double accents in different positions

    e.g. abrevedotbelow=a+breve@toplc+dotbelow@bottom

    This does not work even with anchors. I get the first part of the equation but the dotbelow sort of lingers somewhere in the middle (I presume tagged to the breve), instead of the bottom of the glyph.

    2. Underscore or other glyph for dual accents

    Originally I used an underscore to separate Vietnamese diacritics like Circumflex_Acute,

    e.g. acircumflexacute=a+circumflex_acute@toplc

    However this gives a nil return. I get an a, even though I have a glyph named circumflex_acute. RF seems to read the _ as an operator similar to +.

    I tried to substitute the _ with a :, resulting in
    acircumflexacute=a+circumflex:acute@toplc, which does work.

    Has the syntax changed recently or am I missing something?

    Appreciate whatver help/comments. Thank you all!

  • admin

    hello Mark,

    the GlyphConstruction repository includes a folder with examples. the ones for Vietnamese are here.

    1. Double accents in different positions

    you need to specify the a as reference for the dotbelow (otherwise it will refer to the previous glyph, breve).

    abrevedotbelow = a + breve@top + dotbelow@a:bottom

    2. Stacked double accents

    just use + and the glyphs will be stacked:

    acircumflexacute = a + circumflex + acute@top

    please give it a try, and let us know if it works.

  • @gferreira said in Stacked Diacritical Mark Construction and Syntax Help:

    abrevedotbelow = a + breve@top + dotbelow@a:bottom

    Great! Thank you!