RoboFont 3.0

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    RoboFont 3 has landed. Finally!

    From the outside, very little has changed…
    but inside:

    • UFO 3
    • Python 3

    With RF3 comes also a new website, a new documentation, and a new forum.

    Read more about the changes in RF3 here.

    See the version history for the full list of changes and additions.

    RoboFont 3 requires a new license...

    If you bought RoboFont 1.X after 08/Mar/2017, you will get a full discount. Contact the team with your order number for details.

    As always, many thanks to all the beta testers & all users posting on the forums for their precious feedback and feature requests.


    The official RF 3.0 release was held back by a few months because of an issue which affected updating extensions using Mechanic. This issue was solved with Mechanic 2 – read more about it in the Robofont 3.1 release notes.

    original announcement date: 06 March 2018

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