RoboFont 3.1

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    RoboFont 3.1 is out!

    Main changes in RF 3.1

    • Preferences > Menus now shows a warning for duplicated keyboard shortcuts.
    • EditingTool is easier to subclass and disable editing but keep selection.
    • Added support for custom menu items in any contextual menu.
    • Any layer can be the top layer (removed restriction to have foreground at the top).
    • Added new keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Cmd+O to reveal the log file in Finder.
    • Added ufoProcessor (successor of designSpaceDocument) to the embedded packages.
    • Updates to ufoLib to allow fine-grained control over UFO validation.
    • Added new Preferences settings:
      • spaceCenterMaxGlyphsForLiveUpdate
      • loadFontGlyphLimit
      • defaultGuidelineShowMeasurment
      • defaultGuidelineMagnetic
      • ufoLibReadValidate
      • ufoLibWriteValidate

    New extensions infra-structure

    The biggest change introduced by RF 3.1 is not in RoboFont itself, but in the infra-structure to distribute extensions. We have collaborated closely with Mechanic creator Jack Jennings to develop Mechanic 2, a complete rewrite of Mechanic which fixes py3 bugs and introduces powerful new features. Read all about it in the Mechanic 2 release notes.

    LOTS of bug fixes

    RoboFont 3.1 includes a lot of fixes for bugs introduced by the RF3 rewrite – most of them related to Python 3 and to the switch to fontParts. Many thanks to all RF3 pioneers for submitting bug reports and trusting the process!

    UFO validation is now optional

    RF3 introduced reading/writing UFOs using the ufoLib, which also performs validation of UFO data. This validation was very strict, and was creating problems with UFOs containing non-standard or incorrect data. In order to improve interoperability between different UFO-based tools, UFO validation is now optional (use the settings ufoLibReadValidate and ufoLibWriteValidate to turn it on/off). Turning off validation also makes the process of reading/writing UFOs faster.

    Changes to the release process

    Last but not least, RF 3.1 also introduces one big change to the release process: Beta versions are now public and can be downloaded from the Downloads page. We hope this will make the development process more transparent, and will make important bug fixes more quickly available to users.

    As always, many thanks to all the beta testers & all users posting on the forums for their precious feedback and feature requests.


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  • Version 3.1b (built 1807041450)

    Rotating a component using the Transform Panel doesn't work as expected. Instead of rotating, the component is shifted horizontally an arbitrary amount.

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