UNSOLVED Spotted Issue: IntersectGlyphWithLine

  • Hi,
    Spotted issue (in RoboFont 3.1): mojo.tools.IntersectGlyphWithLine
    doesn't support quadratic bezier curves. I'm guessing that Robofont treats them as a cubic Bezier curve.

  • @frederik huehue,
    ok, so we have to live with that

  • admin

    yeah, what RoboFont does is a small trick that does not work very well with badly drawn curves...

    euh blame the designer :)

  • Sorry for delayed response.

    There is no traceback.
    The behaviour of the intersection-line is weird:0_1535204533289_Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 15.23.37.png
    The intersection points don't appear on the curve.

    So in my tool, on which I'm working on, the red dot has coordinances returned by this function. It should appear on the other side of the shape.

    (0_1535204718802_654104fd-dcf1-4d59-8f8a-0a65802b4e1d-image.png )

    I think, that somehow RoboFont doesn't trigger the calculations for quadratic bezier curves

    I've done small test:
    I copied this shape to the font with cubic beziers and later I overlayed those two paths in photoshop.


  • admin

    mm, it should support qcurves

    0_1531984467977_Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 09.13.49.png

    is there a traceback? and how does your quads look like? Until now RoboFont has the limit support for quadratics if they have 2 off curves (the look like bezier from a structure point of view :) )

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