SOLVED Revert Python 3 UFO file to older version

  • Long story short, I had a few UFO files get opened and converted to Python 3 in the Robofont 3.2 beta. Not knowing they wouldn't be backward compatible, I've saved them. Now I need to open them in an older version of Robofont and cannot.

    Does anyone have a way/technique for reverting these files back to Python 2 so I can continue to work on them?

  • @frederik and @gferreira Thank you so much for both of your insights. I'm relatively new to UFOs and Python, and appreciate any corrections. I chalk them up as guidance on my journey to becoming educated through my missteps.

  • File > Save As… will open a dialog where you can choose the desired UFO version:

    0_1534501673536_Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 21.09.26.png

    0_1534501690508_Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 21.04.57.png

    ps. @mistermunn I’ve made a small edit to your 2nd post: “Python 3 UFOs” → UFO3s. (Python3 and UFO3 are very different things, they just happened to be introduced together to RoboFont in v3)

  • admin

    Just use Save As and pick UFO2 as format. Your roundtrip to vfb is a really bad solution. good luck

  • SOLVED! (Kind of)

    I opened my Python 3 UFOs UFO3s in Robofont 3.2 Trial beta. Exported the VFB. Then ran that file through the vfb2ufo converter in Terminal and got a bare-necessities UFO out fo that. The new UFO I could actually open in Robofont 1.8 (Thanks, Frederik!). It's not a perfect solution, but it preserves my work about 90%.

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