Load more text strings into the space center?

  • Aside from messing with the preferences file itself, is there a way to load a big amount of sample text strings for the space center? The one-by-one method in the app's prefs is tedious, and the editing of the prefs files may be hazardous

    Btw, what is the recommended strategy regarding the storage of custom user data?
    I've seen that the preferences files stores a lot of things, including character sets, space center text strings.

    The latter two are already numerous in my case, I'm a bit worried that it will mess the prefs file. Should I? (be worried)

  • There is a scripting possibility to access, change and manage the input string for the space center

    see http://doc.robofont.com/documentation/scripting/api/mojo/mojo-ui/ (CurrentSpaceCenter)

    If you store user defaults through the app its will be fine.
    no worries :)