UNSOLVED Set placeholder character for glyph?

  • Is it possible to set the placeholder character for a glyph? For instance when making non-latin unicodes?

  • admin

    mmm, see Character Set Preferences

    There is a default font and a fallback when there is no unicode. I guess its up to the user to pick a font that contains the glyph.unicode, if a unicode is not in the selected font, the system fallback font is used to draw the template glyph.

  • Thanks Gustavo! Perhaps a fallback scheme might be useful? If a unicode is not available in the first, check the second, etc.

  • hello Erik,

    as far as I know, there’s only the global setting in Preferences > Character Set > Template glyphs preview font.

    but it’s possible to set this preference using a script, so you can at least switch between two or more template fonts quickly:

    from mojo.UI import getDefault, setDefault
    key = 'templateGlyphFontName'
    setDefault(key, 'RoboType-Mono')