SOLVED “SuperTool” equivalent for RoboFont

  • Hi, I am looking for an extension like Simon Cozens’ “SuperTool” for Glyphs, but so far I have not be able to find one. Is there such an extension for RoboFont?

    The closest extensions I have found are Yanone’s “Speedpunk” and Jens Kutilek’s “CurveEqualizer”, but to me Tunni Lines seems to be missing.

    Any suggestions? Or am I just missing something.

    Thank you.

  • hi @D7yrR, the extensions you mention (SpeedPunk, CurveEqualizer) are indeed the closest ones in terms of funcionality.

    you could try asking the author of SuperTool if he can develop a version for RoboFont…

    good luck!

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