SOLVED Metrics auto-update upon value change in Inspector with arrows

  • Currently in the Space Matrix inside Space Center, the width and sidebearings update on the fly when the values are altered with the arrow keys. Would it be worth it to have the Inspector's Width: Left: and Right: fields behave the same way, rather than requiring a Enter/Return to commit? If this doesn't make sense as a global change, how could I approach it with scripting?


  • admin

    this seems like a vanilla issue, where extra attributes to a vanilla control is requested.

    please report here

    if you need this urgently a subclass of the nscontrol is necessary to get callbacks for key down.

  • @frederik Is there a way to add this support for arrow keys in custom tools? Can't find anything like isActive or something for a vanilla EditText in order to have a arrowKeyDown or something of the like have an effect.


  • This makes me very happy. Thanks, Frederik.

  • admin

    please try out the latest beta: arrow keys should modify the value directly (without an extra enter)


  • admin

    changing that value for those controls requires to dive deep into AppKit views...

    after rereading your request :)

    it only happens with arrows keys.. this behaviour can be changed.

    I will investigate!

  • Hey Frederik; is there a way for me to change it to True on my end? More specifically, have it behave like that of Space Matrix? Of course wouldn't want it to match the h if I start typing hyphen, for instance.

  • admin

    those input boxes have the vanilla EditText argument continuous set to False.

    Input changes in the Inspector need to be deliberately applied by pressing enter.