SOLVED Crash when dragging column headers in font overview list mode

  • Hey,

    While trying to resize the columns in the font overview list mode, I've discovered a crash. Dragging the borders between column headers does nothing, but dragging the headers themselves causes Robofont to crash to desktop.

    Please see the below gif for an example.


    Nothing is being recorded in the Robofont log file, but in the OS problem report:

    Crashing on exception: <class 'TypeError'>: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable

    I can post the entire report if necessary.

  • admin

    found and fixed, thanks for reporting

  • Thanks for the response. This is in macOS 10.14.2.

  • @rutherford thanks for the bug report.

    what version of macOS are you using?

    I get the same crash when trying to drag column headers, but resizing columns works fine. (macOS 10.13.6)

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