UNSOLVED Access Space Center input texts by script

  • Hey there,

    When I access the input text in a Space Center with the CurrentSpaceCenter.getRaw() command, it returns a objc.pyobjc_unicode object. When I want to get the template glyphs before and after, I’d use getPre() and getAfter(). What confused me was that these return lists.

    I’m curious to learn why these are handled differently. Would it be possible (and make sense) to have all of them return the same type of object?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification. ;-)

  • admin

    I see... they will be added

  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing this up.

    In my specific case (switching from uppercase to lowercase) it would actually be quite helpful to have the possibility of using raw commands for pre and after too, avoiding names like “/THREE” and “/euro” when doing a simple string.upper() or string.lower function.

  • admin

    spacCenter.get() returns a list of glyph names if available in the font. Use spaceCenter.set(["a", "b", "agrave"]) to set items.

    spaceCenter.getRaw() returns the input string. Use spaceCenter.setRaw("abà") to set an input string. There is no raw for pre and after, I could add them if required.

    also use help(aSpaceCenterObject)