UNSOLVED Ability to select/deselect specific points

  • Is there a way to, for instance, deselect the top off-curve point from this screenshot? This affects the transform tool's affected area; would like to transform only the bottom 5 points.

    selection_0000_Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 17.37.15.jpg selection_0001_Layer 1.jpg

  • I see. Yes that appears to change the reference point for the transformation, but it still transforms all off-curves. With a script, do you mean creating a custom transform tool? It would be great if there were a preference that is point-type-agnostic transformation as well

  • admin

    mmm, there is the pref "Transform Box with Off Curves" which will only use on curve points to form the bounds of a transformation instead of all points.

    But I guess you want to leave out the large off curve from the transformation. That is not possible now in the UI.

    You can always transform those points with a script...