SOLVED Automatic StatusInteractivePopUpWindow positioning.

  • StatusInteractivePopUpWindow is very useful. I find myself using it a lot to show a quick input centered within the current glyph editor. (These are little interfaces like the built in "jump to glyph.") Positioning these requires a bit of code that I've been copy/pasting from script to script. I've repeated it enough that I'm wondering if it should be part of mojo. Here's the code:

    from mojo.UI import CurrentGlyphWindow, StatusInteractivePopUpWindow
    def getGlyphEditorRectAndScreen(editorWindow):
        screen = editorWindow.w.getNSWindow().screen()
        nsWindow = editorWindow.w.getNSWindow()
        scrollView = editorWindow.getGlyphView().enclosingScrollView()
        rectInWindowCoords = scrollView.convertRect_toView_(scrollView.frame(), None)
        rectInScreenCoords = nsWindow.convertRectToScreen_(rectInWindowCoords)
        (screenX, screenY), (screenWidth, screenHeight) = screen.frame()
        (x, y), (w, h) = rectInScreenCoords
        y = -(y + h)
        return (x, y, w, h), screen
    class MyThing(object):
        def __init__(blah):
            # ...
            width = 370
            height = 505
            editorWindow = CurrentGlyphWindow()
            (editorX, editorY, editorW, editorH), screen = getGlyphEditorRectAndScreen(editorWindow)
            x = editorX + ((editorW - width) / 2)
            y = editorY + ((editorH - height) / 2)
            self.w = StatusInteractivePopUpWindow((x, y, width, height), screen=screen)
            # ...

    Here's what I'm thinking could be added to mojo:

    from mojo.UI import CurrentGlyphWindow, StatusInteractivePopUpWindow
    class MyThing(object):
        self.w = StatusInteractivePopUpWindow((w, h), centerInView=CurrentGlyphWindow().getGlyphView())

    The centerInView arg would take a NSView object. It would check to see if the view is enclosed in a scroll view and, if so, use the scroll view as the view to center within.

    I'd be happy to contribute code to do this if you like the idea.