UNSOLVED Two request regarding composites and connecting nodes

    1. "Contours can connect by dragging" instead of "contours can close by dragging":
      I realized when I connect two contours by dragging one contour to another, beside the node which is under the cursor and is being dragged, RF also tries to connect any other nodes of the two contours that are close to each other and also manipulates the outlines. Sometimes this also causes the smooth handles on extremes to get broken in order to make the contour closed. Is it possible to have this option where the only two nodes get connected when one is dragged on top of another but RF doesn't try to magically close the contours by moving other nodes?

    2. Is it possible to have the option when I click on a component in a composite, I can edit it in place instead of jumping to that component?

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    1. There is no other way :) if the point doesn't align exactly, some points need to be moved and shifted. RF opts to modify the last point (and offcurve) of the contour that is being dragged.
    2. great!!

    1. I'm not sure if even setting the distance to 1 point would solve the issue. What if one close node is 1 point higher than the target and another one 1 point lower? I think it's a malfunction to modify the BCP anchors while closing a contour. If other nodes are within exactly similar distance in x and y, then they should also be joined. Otherwise, the outline gets mangled.

    2. I actually have something that does this, but still I have to make an observer that adds to a load of other observers. I thought maybe it's such a small fundamental feature missing; that's why I said it here.

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    or completely disable to the joinging by dragging with the preference glyphViewAllowsJoiningContours (should be a bool)

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    1. mm, RF tries to close while dragging an start/end point over an other open path. If it happens the other end point are also close RF will also close them.
      You could set the distance with the default glyphViewCloseContourSnapDistance

    2. could be a nice extension :)