UNSOLVED Metrics Machine Reference Groups

  • Hi Frederik,

    I'm noticing that the Metrics Machine extension does not support reference groups.

    Are there plans for implementing support for this important feature?

    Traceback below:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    ​  File "/Applications/RoboFont3.app/Contents/Resources/lib/python3.6/vanilla/vanillaBase.py", line 220, in action_
      File "/var/folders/hl/pkzk5d6945bbxqffl752ywcr0000gn/T/tmphntu9ia6/lib/mm4/interface/pairListBuilderSheet.py", line 191, in filterSourceCallback
      File "/var/folders/hl/pkzk5d6945bbxqffl752ywcr0000gn/T/tmphntu9ia6/lib/mm4/tools/patternMatching.py", line 100, in searchGlyphList
      File "/var/folders/hl/pkzk5d6945bbxqffl752ywcr0000gn/T/tmphntu9ia6/lib/mm4/tools/patternMatching.py", line 690, in _evaluateGlyphExpression
    AttributeError: 'DoodleGroups' object has no attribute 'getReferenceGroup'

  • All groups except pulic.kern groups should be shown in the reference group editor.

  • admin

    Was this possible in the UFO2 version of MetricsMachine?
    Is there a traceback?

    cc @tal

  • Thanks Frederik! Works great.

    I noticed one other thing: it's not possible to copy reference groups using the import feature in the Reference Group editor. Only the public.kern groups show up.

    I can copy Reference Groups by editing the groups.plist, but that's not ideal.

  • admin

    I’ve just fixed this, please update Metrics Machine with Mechanic.


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