SOLVED Glyph Editor View Cropped

  • Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there was a way for the glyph view not to crop around the margins like in this screenshot, where as here there is no cropping. I wasn't able to find anything within mojo to fix this, is there any built-in solution?


  • @ryan Thanks so much for the help, Ryan. I totally looked right past those input fields lol

  • @connor Try changing this number:

    @frederik While we're on the subject, the # input in these two fields is a bit weird. At no point can the entered number be below 1000, but that makes it very difficult to type something like 5000—you have to type it after the value that's already there, and then go back and delete everything before 5000. Video. Can the <1000 flag only be raised when the user exits that input field, or tries to apply preferences, switch tabs, etc.?