SOLVED ScaleFast and MutatorScale

  • I LOVE ScaleFast. It's such a useful tool for making small caps, or extrapolating a glyph sketch, or what have you. I'm forever grateful to Loïc Sander for making it.

    However, I found an issue in the most recent version and, in looking into it on GitHub, I was wondering about the state of the project.

    I noticed Loïc hasn't worked on it in a while, and @gferreira made a fork to update it for RF3 on RoboDocs. So is that the official repo for ScaleFast now? Or should it be merged back into Loïc's version?

    Similar question for the underlying library, MutatorScale. Is roboDocs/MutatorScale the official repository?

  • Thanks, @gferreira!

  • an update is available from Mechanic2:

    Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 16.13.11.png


  • a note about shared modules in extensions:

    if you are a regular git user, you are probably accustomed to using git submodule to dynamically include code from one repository into another (larger) one. this does not work with extensions, because the linked repositories are not included in the zip.

    the alternative is using git subtree, which actually includes the files and commit history from a ‘submodule’ into the parent repository – see the Developer Notes included in ScaleFast. (it’s a bit complicated, I’m still figuring out how to use it :)

  • hello Colin, thanks for the issue & pull request (merged).

    Loïc’s extensions are now maintained by RoboDocs (with his permission). these are now the ‘official’ versions served by Mechanic2, and where new issues & pull requests should be submitted. the same applies to the underlying libraries (MutatorScale, dynamicParameters).

    thanks Loïc for the awesome tools!!