UNSOLVED Update mark color list in glyph search from the CurrentFont

  • Hey there,

    Is it possible to see the colors only from the mark colors that exist in the current font when I use a mark filter in glyph search? Right now the menu shows colors that are only defined in the preferences and do not exist in the current font. The only expensive part I could imagine is that RF might need to iter every glyph to find which mark colors are defined in the font.

    Thank you!

  • @frederik Haha. I will think about writing it. It also has to add colors if there are not enough colors in the preferences.

  • admin

    there was someone who already made this... but Im sorry I forgot who that was :( I guess I have to replace some RAM)

  • @frederik Thank you. I think the last workaround sounds good to me so I will change the colors in the font to something that exist in the preferences.


  • admin

    Its more complex then you think it is: every search item in the smart list on the left of the font overview needs to have all the data to filter and count the necessary glyphs...

    This is the main reason why only the fixed pref colors are there.

    A workaround would be to have scrip that sync the font colors with the prefs colors :)
    and set the pref value programmatically: use markColors and set a list of rgba tuples.

  • Thank you Gustavo, I didn't know about that! Still I would like to combine search filters; so adding this to RF would be cool for that purpose.

  • hi @bahman, search for color marks in the font would indeed by nice.

    as an alternative, you can use the Font Overview’s list mode to sort glyphs by color.

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