Generate instances from designspace or Superpolator

  • If you want to generate instances from a designspace or sp3 superpolator document, this tiny script can do it. If you select a sp3 it will convert to designspace first. Then it build the instances.

    import ufoProcessor
    from mojo.UI import PutFile, GetFile
    import os
        Open a .sp3 or .designspace document and generate the instances.
        No reporting, no editing, no debugging. 
    def convertSuperpolatorToDesignSpace(path):
        # this a superpolator path and needs to be converted first
        newPathName = path.replace(".sp3", "_converted.designspace")
        newPathName = PutFile(message="Save this Superpolator document as Designspace:", fileName=os.path.basename(newPathName))
        if newPathName:
            ufoProcessor.sp3.sp3_to_designspace(path, newPathName)
        return newPathName
    def generateInstances():
        path = GetFile("Open a Desingspace or Superpolator file to generate:", fileTypes=['sp3', 'designspace'])
        if path is None:
        if os.path.splitext(path)[-1] == ".sp3":
            path = convertSuperpolatorToDesignSpace(path)
            if path is None:

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