Amending duplicate glyph name crashes RF

  • If a glyph gets renamed but the name of that glyph that already exists, robofont allows the duplicate name but crashes on trying to amend/change the name so that it's different. I'm on 3.2b.

  • admin

    the inspector does not allows the glyph to be renamed with an existing glyph name.

    with a script you should get a traceback: ValueError: A glyph with the name 'A' already exists.

    could you elaborate? thanks

  • admin

    @FosterType thanks for the screencast. so you are renaming glyphs using the Font Overview’s list mode.

    I’ve tested 4 different approaches to renaming glyphs in RF 3.3b. here is an overview of their behaviour:

    crash overwrite warning
    1 Font Overview (list mode) no* yes no
    2 Inspector > Glyph no no no
    3 font.renameGlyph no yes no
    4 no no yes

    * I could not reproduce the crash… @FosterType can you please try it with RF 3.3b? thanks!

    methods 1 and 3 will currently overwrite existing glyphs without a warning, that’s not so nice. we could make it safer by adding a confirmation dialog (1) or an explicit parameter (3). maybe the glyph Inspector (2) could also show a message in a banner.

  • @gferreira Still happens in 3.3b for me mate.