SOLVED Are there keyboard shortcuts / hotkeys for Prepolator extension functions?

  • Scenario: I need to quickly match startpoints between many masters in Prepolator.

    Are there shortcut keys for Prepolator, or a way to set these? For instance, I wish I could hit ] for "move starting point to Next", etc. I think the old standalone Prepolator app had such shortcuts, correct?

    Normally, I would look for menu items, then assign those to shortcuts. However, this has no menu options, and I can't find any documentation online.

    If there is a way to set hotkey preferences, I'd love to learn about it.



    UPDATE: I have found through trial that command → makes the selected glyph's start node move one forward. This is a helpful start, but it would be great if there were a whole list of Prepolator shortcuts somewhere.

  • Awesome, thanks Frederik and Tal!

  • This post is deleted!

  • With the Prepolator window as your main window, press command-i. You'll get a sheet listing the shortcuts. Here's the current list:

    ↑	Previous Glyph
    ↓	Next Glyph
    ⌘↑	Contour forward
    ⌘↓	Contour backward
    ⌘⇧↑	Contour to top
    ⌘⇧↓	Contour to bottom
    ⌘⇧B	Auto contour order
    ⌘R	Reverse Contour
    ⌘⇧R	Auto contour direction
    ⌘←	Set previous point as start point 
    ⌘→	Set next point as start point
    ⌘⇧T	Auto Start point
    ⌘⌥M	Deduce structures
    ⌘M	Match glyph structures
    ⌘⌥T	Deduce all glyphs
    ⌘↩	Open font in RoboFont
    ⌘+	Zoom in
    ⌘-	Zoom out
    ⌘A	Select all
    ⌘⌥A	Select all contours
    ⌘,	Show Preferences
    ⌘S	Save

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    cmd + i will show a sheet with all the short cut