UNSOLVED Using numpy (and other modules) in robofont

  • TLDR: I want to use numpy in robofont3, but after pip3 install it will not import. First time installing python3.

    I followed the steps here to install python 3

    I want to use numpy so I did

    pip3 install numpy

    If I then do

    pip3 show numpy

    it shows me it's installed here


    The documentation linked above talks about .pth files and this location, but it does not exist on my machine and is different to the location shown above.


    I do not know what .pth file is or how to format it, or where to put it if that location is not present.

    So as it stands I cannot import numpy in robofont or drawbot as I would like.
    I can import it in terminal successfully.

    Can you help me to get it working?
    Thank you

  • admin

    FYI: if you need to install a package for a specific python you can use pip3.6 install numpy

  • admin

    The current release of RoboFont runs on python3.6. This means it can only import the local site packages from the same python version.

    The next release will jump to python3.7

    Dont mix different python site packages as the magic number of compiled python will not match up.