How to run Skateboard on RF3.3b build 1906031450

  • This is a recipe for getting Skateboard 1.4 to work with the RF3.3b build 1906031450.

    If you want to experiment you could get the ufoProcessor repository from
    and then make it available to RF in /LibraryApplication Support/RoboFont/external_packages. This is how you do that:

    • park the ufoProcessor repository code somewhere safe, for instance ~/code/ufoProcessor. (in which ~ is your home folder)
    • make a new text file named ufoProcessor.pth file in ~/Library/Application Support/RoboFont/external_packages.
    • A pth file is a simple text file that contains the full path to the repository. For instance, mine contains
      But obviously yours would have a different path.


    Restart RF after those changes. Then you can check in RF if it sees the right folder:


    Yay, it works.


    Note: this is only for build 1906031450. Newer builds will have the latest version ufoProcessor. I apologise for the fuss, too many things ended up depending on too many other things. Please let me know if you need more help.

  • There is also an update for DesignSpaceEditor, v1.9.2 available from Mechanic2.

  • With the RF 3.3b build 1910091627, now available, these problems should be all gone.