SOLVED Workflows for not generating certain glyphs

  • Curious about others’ workflows for making certain glyphs not generate but remain in the UFO, apart from writing a custom generation script for each family?

    Some use cases:

    • Glyph is component that you don't want in final character set.

    • Glyph is alternate that is subbed out via .designspace rule. (Is setting a subbed-out glyph as non-generating a feature of .designspace spec?)

    • etc.


  • There is also the -gs flag in makeotf, which makes the compiler only export the glyphs in GlyphOrderAndAliasDB file. You can checkout makeotf -h.

  • admin

    next beta/release!!!

  • Thanks @gferreira I'll check that out!

  • hello @ryan,

    there’s a new standard lib key named public.skipExportGlyphs in the UFO3 specification which is meant to handle this – see the discussion here. I think ufo2ft and fontMake support it, but ufo2fdk doesn’t yet.

    (I like to use custom generation scripts for each family, it’s an old habit. it just works :)

    maybe @arrowtype’s VarFont Prep can help?

    curious to hear about other people’s workflows too…