SOLVED Folder support in Start-up Scripts tab in Preferences

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    Would you consider supporting folders in the Start-up Scripts section? This would enable one to work fluidly in any given folder, and not worry about having to reconnect any specific script file. Maybe it could be like the Extensions tab, or maybe it could just support dragging a folder in there such as /Users/Name/Documents/startUpScripts/


  • support for folders in the list of start-up scripts is now available in the 3.4 beta — thanks!

    also added to the docs

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    I see, that could idd be handy...

  • Actually Batch is a good example of what I mean. It supports folders of UFOs as well as UFOs. Can the Start-up Scripts section support folders of scripts so that if I add/rename scripts in that folder, it won't be necessary to open RF preferences?

    i.e. list = individual .py's + folders in which RF always looks for .py's during launch

    Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 17.07.37.png
    Batch: First item is a folder of UFOs. Second is UFO. I know UFOs are folders, so maybe not the best example... but yeah.

    I think this would help avoid a disconnect when things are versioned-up, or make adding new start-up scripts possible without even opening RF:

    Hope that makes sense,

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    startUpScripts are added to the prefs as list of .py files paths, hosted somewhere on the users HD.

    There is no folder as such... just a list of .py files that should be executed during app launch.