psBlueValues required when generating otf with autohinting

  • Not really a bug; more an observation:

    Generate font fails when Autohint option is checked on if font does not have BlueValues. [no error message in Output window]

  • Thanks Frederik for such a prompt and thorough response (as always!).

  • admin

    I will turn autohint off when there are no blue values given in the font info in the next version, this will solve the mystery :)

    It will be displayed in the generate sheet as disabled if a font has no blue values

  • admin

    yeah, I noticed this issue to.
    But it not always failing.

    I would advice to set blueValues if you enable autohint to generate binaries.

    see the FDK doc and tutorial:

    1.5 Using autohint

    After the mergeFonts and rotateFont tools are used to generate a CIDFont, there is another very useful tool that can be used, available in AFDKO Version 2.0 or higher, called autohint. The autohint tool can be run on name- and CID-keyed fonts, and uses the hinting parameters—BlueValues array, OtherBlues array, StemSnapH array, StemSnapV array, StdHW, and StdVW—to apply hinting to the CharStrings. You are encouraged to explore its command- line options to determine which are the most appropriate to use.

    1.5.1 Calculating Alignment Zones & Stem Width Values

    You are strongly encouraged to take great care in calculating the alignment zones and stem width values. The stemHist tool, also included in AFDKO Version 2.0 or higher, is designed to help in calculating alignment zones and stem width values by generating histogram data. The former functionality is invoked using the “-a” command-line option.