UNSOLVED Changing kern groups in glyph info

  • Right now, you can only assign groups in the Groups editor. I’d like to be able to edit a glyph’s group from within the info panel. It would avoid the situation where, if you want to move your c out of your o group, you currently have to first delete it from one and then add to the other. It’s clunky, and if you make a single mistake the kerning will fail, as a glyph might be in two same-side groups.

  • @frankrolf Yeah, I’m a happy MM user, but was thinking it feels like a logical extension of the info panel.

    @frederik Is the new MM API out? I’ll see what I can figure out with a little vanilla view.

  • admin


    The default RoboFont groups editor is very straight forwards. MetricsMachine is build to do kerning and knows more how kerning groups should behave.

    Nevertheless: you can build your own Inspector panel where groups could be set. This notification inspectorWindowWillShowDescriptions is called each time an inspector window pops up, so you can add your own custom vanilla view.

    see https://robofont.com/documentation/building-tools/toolspace/observers/custom-inspector-panel/

    And the latest MetricsMachine, there an api where you should be able to use the same logic as MeticsMachine in such a custom inspector view.

    good luck!!

  • This may already be obvious to you, but for the actual assignment of kerning groups, Metrics Machine is the better option.
    In its Groups panel, you can drag- and drop glyphs across groups, and avoid duplicates per side.

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