UNSOLVED Feature Request: selective SB values (along with the points) - EditTool

  • Hey Guys,
    I had a small idea for the extension. But maybe it could be a built-in feature of the RoboFont app?

    I don't use this margin controller often:
    (the one that allows you to change the margin value by dragging it)
    Screenshot 2019-12-20 17.17.43.png

    I thought that it could be useful if the user could select it, and later select the bunch of points and move them together with the arrow keys.

    It could save a lot of time and effort. Especially if there is width adjustments in the inner shape of the letter needed, without changing the margin value.

    What do you think about that?


  • Cool Ryan!
    I will have a look after Christmas. Maybe I will come up with some ideas how to make it work 100% nicely :D

  • Just took a look at the code again and remembered why I stopped using it: it didn't work, haha. Rewrote and cleaned up a bit for now so at least arrow keys work (prob still buggy), and it doesn't use EditingTool. There's still some code in there that doesn't make sense to me because it's been a while, so I'll probably revisit later. Enjoy!

    _a_marginSelection (1).gif

    This screengrab shows use of the tool in conjunction with ScalingEdit tool, which is why I wanted to not make it a separate Editing Tool.

  • Hey Rafał, I tried this a while ago, and got somewhere with it. I currently don't use it anymore, but might go back to it. Haven't looked at it in a while; I seem to remember it's still adding a whole new tool to the toolbar, but I'd like to not even have to subclass the EditingTool. That way it’d work while any tool is selected.

    Just put it on Github. Maybe we could work on it together?