RoboFont 3.4 Beta

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    RoboFont development never stops. Today we’re happy to release a first public beta of RoboFont 3.4 – just in time for your Christmas & New Year’s break.

    Download RoboFont 3.4b

    Some highlights in this version:

    Updated Preferences

    The Character Set section of the Preferences has been renamed to Font Overview, and includes a new Appearance tab with new settings for adjusting the colors used in the glyph cells.

    The Menus section has also been renamed to Short Keys, and includes a new search bar which makes it easier to find a particular short key or menu item.

    Package Installer

    The Python menu now includes the Package Installer, a command line interface to install Python packages from the Python Package Index (PyPI) using pip.

    See the updated documentation for usage instructions.

    Packages installed with the Package Installer become available only inside RoboFont!


    RoboFont 3.4 adds support for the new standard lib key public.skipExportGlyphs, which was recently added to the UFO3 specification. This key can be used to store a list of glyph names representing glyphs that should not be exported to generated font files.

    The following interfaces to public.skipExportGlyphs have been added:

    • Font Info > RoboFont includes a new text input field where the list of skippped glyphs can be defined as space separated list of glyph names.

    • Inspector > Glyph includes a new checkbox labeled Exclude during export, which can be used to individually add/remove glyphs to the list of skipped glyphs.

    • The Font Overview’s glyph cells now display a red X for glyphs which should be skipped, and the skip export flag can be used as a filter when searching.

    Updated API docs

    RoboFont’s mojo API documentation has been reviewed and updated.

    The vanilla documentation has also been updated with screenshots and missing examples.

    As always, see the release notes for the full list of changes.

    Huge thanks to all RoboFont users for feedback, bug reports, feature requests, etc.

    Enjoy + Happy 2020!!

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