SOLVED Preferred contour order

  • I am preparing my first font for interpolation, and using Prepolator to match up the two weights I'm starting with. Unfortunately I've got some glyphs that it is not giving a green light to. First up to bat is the percent glyph. In each there are five contours, all pointing in the correct, and same direction, and ordered the same. Yet, I get a yellow light, with the note in Prepolator saying that the "contour order is questionable." To me this says that while between the two weights, the two glyphs might be compatible for interpolation, there is a preferred order to how contours stack in a glyph. I have not been able to find any documentation on what that preferred order might be, and when I use the "auto order" in Prepolator that does not fix the issue in its results. Help? Cheers

  • Thank you for the responses. I wondered if yellow was simply advisory, but happy to have confirmation. Much appreciated. Cheers

  • Hi @Colo-in-NYC,

    If the preview looks right, your outlines are right. 😀 The yellow indicator means that Prepolator isn't sure if the contour order and/or start points are consistent. It's just a dumb, math-based guess, so trust your eyes. I hope this helps!

  • hello @Colo-in-NYC,

    in my experience using Prepolator, the yellow light is not a problem. if the light is not red and the preview looks correct, the interpolation will work fine.

    in cases when the auto order button is not able to match the contour order, you can do it manually using the To Top / To Bottom buttons. (same for auto starting points and Next / Previous buttons)

    Prepolator 2 is in the works!

    hope this helps…