SOLVED Does ‘Exclude during export’ affects Opentype features?

  • Hey,
    I was wondering, maybe I'm getting something wrong… :

    This new feature, 'Exclude during export', does it affect Opentype features?
    If I created a font that I want to subset to smaller charset by using 'Exclude during export', does it omit data in the .fea file for those glyphs?


  • Thanks for the info.

  • admin

    RoboFont follows the UFO spec:

    * Decompose the listed glyphs everywhere they are used as components.
    * Remove these glyphs before the compilation run.
    * Prune all groups of the listed glyphs.
    * Prune all kerning pairs that contain any of the listed glyphs.
    * Not modify the source UFO on disk. This is a compiler-internal process.
    The handling of the feature file is undefined.