SOLVED Shadowless RoboFont

  • Hey Guys,

    Do you have OCD like me and hate when something annoys you?
    Shadows of the RF's windows in particular?
    Here is a partial solution to your misery!
    this small script needs to be run as a startup script. It will delete the shadows for every SpaceCenter, Glyph Window and Font Window in your RF.


    I've been trying to force RF's embedded vanilla and defconAppKit to remove all shadows for all windows, I couldn't do it. Maybe you will have some advice on how to achieve this?


  • Sweeet! thanks

  • admin

    you could subscribe to the macOS notification system for windows:

    Run it only once :) as start up script

    import AppKit
    class ShadowLessRoboFont(AppKit.NSObject):
        def init(self):
            AppKit.NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserver_selector_name_object_(self, "removeShadow:", AppKit.NSWindowDidUpdateNotification, None)
            return self
        def removeShadow_(self, notification):
            window = notification.object()
    # keep a reference
    AppKit.NSApp().__shadowLessObsever = ShadowLessRoboFont.alloc().init()

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