SOLVED Shift+Return / Return to auto-type "\n" in Space Center

  • I think it would be super useful to have either a return or soft-return be a kind of keyboard shortcut for the \n snippet in Space Center's input text. Currently, they both select all the text, as if it's a file name in OS Finder. I usually do cmd + a for that. Thoughts?

    In other words:
    Be typing > Hit Enter > "\n" is typed

  • a new Shift + Enter shortcut to insert a line break character \n in the Space Center is now available in the latest beta.

    this is a very nice feature, thanks for suggesting it!

  • admin

    space center a preview, not typesetting app, the complexity is much higher...

  • Thanks Frederik!

    Also—semi-relevant: can there be a toggle option in Space Center to only break lines at 'space' rather than any character? This would help Space Center more accurately reflect what happens in a lot of typesetting software.

    i.e. Option not to break "test" into "te\nst"

  • admin

    that is idd a handy feature!