UNSOLVED Where can I find class of input cell of for spacing in space center?

  • Hi,
    I have been thinking that having dynamic metrics settings would be nice.
    Where can I find class of the input cell so I could modify the callbacks a bit, please?
    Yet I got to lib.UI.spaceCenter.spaceInputScrollView.SpaceInputScrollView, but there I am a bit lost. Is there a class for the input's cell where I could modify what happens when I enter metrics - lsb, rsb, width - value into it, please? Thanks!

  • Thanks a lot, I think it is going surprisingly welly well. Please, I just can't understand why is this not enough to rewrite the cell's content? It works but only when double clicking. Could you please link me, what causes this? I can see "testje" only after double clicking into the cell. https://github.com/jansindl3r/Metrics-dynamically/blob/master/metricsDynamically.py#L30

  • admin

    A SpaceInputScrollView has a callback for all the input field editing: inputTextChanged_(self, sender) where sender is the input field, and self is the input matrix view.

    A matrix view has a selection which is Noneor a dictionary with a "target" glyph and "action" (leftMargin, rightMargin, width)

    hope this helps!

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