SOLVED Metrics Machine - Not able to import .fea file

  • I exported kerning from MM to an external .fea file. Then I imported it back to a new version of the .ufo file and at the beginning I got "Import failed. Invalid Syntax: @kern1.brevecombcy = [brevecomb-cy];" So I clean the .fea file to be sure those lines were fixed, and now despite no having pairs definitions duplicated I get "Import failed. Pair public.kern1.A, public.kern2.O defined more than once."

    There is another way to work in MM with .fea data?

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    and with a script its super easy:

    # load two fonts
    fontWithKerning = OpenFont()
    fontWithoutKerning = OpenFont()
    # clear and update the kerning with data from
    # the font with kerning data
    # clear and update the groups with data from
    # the font with kerning data


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    I didn't know it was an unreliable format.

    the conversion is a one way street :)

  • Thanks Frederik, I wanted to work with kerning independently from the .ufo, so I thought to have the .fea as main source for the kerning in order to import it every time the .ufo file was updated externally. I didn't know it was an unreliable format.

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    Its not recommended to use .fea code as exchange format. Going back an forth will lead to data loss.

    Do you still have the kerning as a kerning in a ufo? You can import kerning from other ufo file.