SOLVED macOS 10.13 issues

  • Hi all,

    I’m currently using macOS 10.11 [el capitan] and quite old versions of apps:

    • Robofont Version 1.7 (built 1605082319),
    • Metrics machine 4.0.6 [old standalone app],
    • UFOstretch 0.8.5,
    • Prepolator 1.0.5 and
    • SuperPolator Version 100119_1225b

    I’d like to know if all of those work well in 10.13 OS?

    Many thanks,

  • @frederik @gferreira many thanks for this!

    All best,

  • admin

    He Mitja

    They should all work on 10.13.

    None of them are code-signed or notarised, these macOS requirement was set later. It's possible you'll have to right click "Open" the app the first time to provide permission, instead of double click it.

    good luck

  • hey @gferreira,

    many thanks for this - I totally agree with you regarding the transition. I'm really curious what @frederik is gonna say about this issue.

    Many thanks Gustavo.

  • hello @Mitja-Miklavcic,

    RoboFont 1.7 is indeed quite old :) if you can’t upgrade to RF3 yet, I suggest that you at least upgrade to 1.8.4, which is the end-of-the-line for RF1.

    I can’t tell you for sure if these versions work on 10.13 without testing… I expect they do. /cc @frederik

    what I can say for sure is that the latest versions of all these tools work fine on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and higher:

    (as far as I know the UFOStretch app works fine too, but doesn’t support UFO3 yet – it will be converted into an extension soon)

    upgrading can be challenging and costs both time and money… so only you can say when it’s time. I can share my experience as a user:

    I upgraded early and yes, the transition was a bit rough (which is to be expected). but two years after the release of RF3, the path has been paved: the tools have been extensively used and tested, and are being continuously improved; there’s plenty of documentation available to assist you in the transition (start here); there are lots of useful new features and tools to benefit from; there are many other RF3 users to share experiences with here on the forum; etc. so, if you can afford it, I encourage you to upgrade to RF3.

    I hope this helps… good luck!

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