SOLVED robofont extension pip requirements

  • Hi,
    I'm curious…

    Is it possible to put something like requirements.txt or its functionality to robofont extension package? so during the install of extension, it will automatically update RF's default python packages?

    If it is not possible at least for now, what do you think about adding this functionality to the extension system? Since you have this cool new pip manager, it shouldn't be hard that hard.

    I've been thinking about adding something like in this slackoverflow thread.
    But I think it could cause more later debugging and hacking than it's necessary.


  • Hmm, makes sense. Thanks

  • admin

    An extension can rely on other extensions to be installed, provided in the requirements.txt inside an extension.

    RoboFont will check while installing the extension and report back to the user if those other required extension are installed or not. If the requirements are not met then the extension will not be installed.

    This will not happen automatically.


    Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 10.19.44.png